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email : info@capayvalleyvision.org telephone : (530) 723-4054 address : PO Box 799, Esparto, CA 95627
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Capay Valley Vision was created to enhance ongoing communication within the diverse community of the Capay Valley, reflecting all opinions and searching for common ground on the vision for the Valley's future. Recognizing that change is inevitable, the organization will work to manage and guide change in a way that best preserves the Valley's rural character, agriculture, history and natural environment, while supporting a vital local economy.

The purposes for which Capay Valley Vision is organized are to:

  • Preserve our heritage and sense of place;
  • Strengthen our personal relationships;
  • Preserve the rural character of the Valley;
  • Preserve farmlands, rangelands and wildlands;
  • Develop a viable economic strategy;
  • Protect natural resources; and
  • Enhance community health and well-being for citizens of the Valley.
Capay Valley Vision fosters community-wide vision for the future of the Capay Valley region. It facilitates collaborative processes for common dialogue, planning and action. Capay Valley Vision moving community action toward a better future.
All members of Capay Valley Vision must agree to adhere to the following principles of operation:
  • Work toward consensus and cooperate with the process to the fullest extent possible. A successful conclusion depends on a good faith effort from all participants.
  • Listen actively to the ideas and opinions expressed by Board members and members of the community, engage in constructive discussion and be open to alternative solutions and points of view.
  • Represent constituencies, acknowledging and drawing upon the diversity of opinions and outlooks represented.
  • Inform constituencies and other community members about the consensus building process, provide updates on the progress of discussions, and inform each other about relevant developments within the community.

Operating Principles
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