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Economic Development Task Force
Agriculture dominates the Capay Valley Region's landscape producing a year-round diversity of vegetables, nuts, grains, forage, livestock, and much more. Farmers, ranchers, and people interested in strengthening agriculture in the region gather monthly to share information and coordinate efforts toward shared goals. - more
Task Forces
Reflecting the community's vision for the future, task forces have formed to address concerns and increase communication and cooperation among residents and stakeholders in the region. The five current task forces are:
All task force meetings are open to the public. Task force chairs (or co-chairs) are also Board members of Capay Valley Vision (CVV), which meets regularly to share task force activities and to strategize ways to connect the some times disparate activities of each group.
Agriculture & Environmental Task Force
In this rural region employment is largely agriculturally based, with the exception of the school district and Cache Creek Casino Resort. Residents are pursuing economic development strategies that build on local assets and increase services to the community and visitors alike. - more
Housing Task Force
With homes selling at all-time highs within days of hitting the market and more families locating to Western Yolo County, residents from Madison to Rumsey are caught in the housing crunch. Many families and individuals spend more than a third of their income to keep up with monthly rent payments putting the dream of home ownership out of reach. - more
Recreational opportunities abound in the scenic and temperate Capay Valley Region-from birding to rafting, casual hiking to competitive sports. With a growing population and more visitors to the region every year, residents have come together to plan the next generation of amenities needed to meet the area's recreation needs. - more
Recreation Task Force
One of the most visible changes to occur in the Capay Valley Region in recent years is the steady increase traffic with safety a top concern. As a result, a diverse group of residents with participation by local, state, and tribal government entities came together to coordinate information sharing and develop a vision for the best possible transportation system in the region. - more
Transportation Task Force