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Housing: Needs and Solutions: for the Capay Valley – Esparto Region
A 41-page report brought together under Capay Valley Vision’s Housing Task Force. Along with community members the primary participants were members of the Esparto Citizens’ Advisory Committee and Capay Valley General Plan Advisory Committee, with representatives of non-profit housing developers a well as private developers as advisors and participants. Over 17 months numerous Task Force meetings were held, a survey of employers in the region was conducted, and community forums were held. The results are shown in this report including recommendations to address the identified housing related needs. Fall 2005. Copies are available at the cost of $4 each (for postage and handling).

Capay Valley Atlas: Resource Information for the Capay Valley-Esparto Region
A 36-page, full-color guide to the natural and economic resources of the region. It includes eight maps as well narrative descriptions of soil and water resources, agricultural crop patterns, and community history. Photographs depict scenic vistas and historic structures. The atlas was compiled and edited by Ann Scheuring. Published in fall 2003 by Capay Valley Vision. SOLD OUT

Action Plan for the Capay Valley Region
A 57-page road map toward achieving the vision for the future set forth by the community over a two-year visioning process. The plan records activities in progress; outlines future actions that community members have expressed interest in completing; and lays a framework for continued reflection and input on how to develop the goals and strategies of the Capay Valley Region. Fall 2003. Copies are available at the cost of $8 each (includes postage and handling).

Agriculture Plan for the Capay Valley Region
A 32-page strategy for enhancing profitable agriculture in the region. The plan - developed through a series of community roundtables, farmer interviews, research, and agriculture task force meetings - charts a series of activities that together help to create a positive rural future. Fall 2003. SOLD OUT

Capay Valley Highway 16 Corridor Study
The 89-page report provides a snapshot of the region's key transportation-related needs, reviews current and planned projects to address them, and presents community-developed concepts to inform projects being planned or considered. March 2004. SOLD OUT

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