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email : info@capayvalleyvision.org telephone : (530) 723-4054 address : PO Box 799, Esparto, CA 95627
Agriculture & Environmental Task Force
Agriculture dominates the Capay Valley Region's landscape producing a year-round diversity of vegetables, nuts, grains, forage, livestock, and much more. Farmers, ranchers, and people interested in strengthening agriculture in the region gather monthly to share information and coordinate efforts toward shared goals.

  • Farming and ranching become more profitable in the Capay Valley preserving and enhancing the Valley's rural character and way of life.
  • Land, air, and water are preserved and maintained in a manner that supports long-term agriculture viability.
  • The historic knowledge base, skills, and experience of those who work the land is recognized, nurtured, and passed on.
  • Capay Valley agricultural products increase in recognition in the greater regional marketplace for their excellent freshness, flavor, quality, and diversity.

Meetings are held on the 1st Thursday of each month at 7pm at the Esparto Library.
17065 Yolo Avenue
Esparto, CA 95627-2081

Paul Muller

Selected Achievements
Published Agriculture Plan for the Capay Valley Region
Hosted numerous roundtable workshops and gatherings
Spearheads the Capay Valley Grown initiative
Planning a meat cut & wrap facility for the area

Please contact us for more information or to participate in this task force.

Capay Valley Vision
PO Box 799 
Esparto, CA 95627