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Housing Task Force
The Capay Valley Vision Housing Task Force has completed the Housing Report to inform the residents, businesses, and community residents in the Capay Valley-Esparto region (the valley) about the significant housing challenges we face. The Task Force wants to provide information on the circumstances that have created this crisis and the implications for the valley if this crisis remains unchecked. Perhaps most importantly, the Task Force wants to engage and inspire the readers of this publication through a proactive strategy that can build the new kinds of housing the region will need in order to sustain the rural character of its communities, preserve its agricultural economy, and maintain its natural beauty.
With homes selling at all-time highs within days of hitting the market and more families locating to Western Yolo County, residents from Madison to Rumsey are caught in the housing crunch. Many families and individuals spend more than a third of their income to keep up with monthly rent payments putting the dream of home ownership out of reach.

Identify specific and feasible housing models and designs that can be developed in and meet needs of Capay Valley Region communities and be used as planning guides to shape future development and catalyze affordable housing projects.

To Be Announced

Members of the Esparto and Capay Valley General Plan Advisory Committees have been working together as a Housing Task Force, convened by Capay Valley Vision, to assess housing needs and explore models that fit these needs and enhance the community. More affordable housing has been a clear need in our area. click here to view the Affordable Housing Factsheet.

Ron Voss

Selected Achievements
  • Secured grant from Yolo County for the "Visioning Affordable Housing for the Capay Valley Region" Project (May 2004-April 2005)

Please contact us for more information or to participate in this task force.
Capay Valley Vision
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Esparto, CA 95627