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Recreation Task Force
Recreational opportunities abound in the scenic and temperate Capay Valley Region-from birding to rafting, casual hiking to competitive sports. With a growing population and more visitors to the region every year, residents have come together to plan the next generation of amenities needed to meet the area's recreation needs.

  • Area residents and visitors value and protect the unique and fragile natural recreation areas in the Capay Valley.
  • Area residents are able to use and enjoy local parks, recreation areas, and other open spaces.
  • Recreation visitors enhance the local economy of Capay Valley.

4th Thursday of every month starting at 5pm at the Esparto Library. 
17065 Yolo Avenue
Esparto, CA 95627-2081

The next meeting is planned for Thursday, August 26th. 

Agenda Items


Selected Achievements
  • Convened meetings to coordinate planning among Esparto Unified School District, WYORCA, Lion's Club, and other recreation entities in the area.
  • Co-sponsored workshops to gather input for Capay Open Space Park along Cache Creek.
  • Convened workshops to explore agricultural tourism-related models and opportunities.

Please contact us for more information or to participate in this task force.

Capay Valley Vision
PO Box 799 
Esparto, CA 95627