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Transportation Task Force
One of the most visible changes to occur in the Capay Valley Region in recent years is the steady increase traffic with safety a top concern. As a result, a diverse group of residents with participation by local, state, and tribal government entities came together to coordinate information sharing and develop a vision for the best possible transportation system in the region.

  • Caltrans' Highway 16 Safety and Improvement and Traffic Calming projects meet residents' needs for safety, environmental and aesthetic preservation, and community access.
  • Circulation routes are safe and effective for farm vehicles, public transit, bicycles, pedestrians, and other local traffic and preserve the scenic and agrarian character of the Valley.
  • Corridor planning includes diverse perspectives.

As scheduled

Jan Lowrey

Selected Achievements
  • Published Capay Valley Highway 16 Corridor Study.
  • Hosted several community workshops to increase awareness of transportation-related issues and projects and gather community input on these.
  • Participate in the Caltrans Highway 16 community advisory council and program development team.

Please contact us for more information or to participate in this task force.

Capay Valley Vision
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